Delete or Deactivate Record Types via URL Hacking

Have you ever encountered this Error while deleting or deactivating a Record Type?


While Creating or Assigning Record Types, sometimes the Salesforce Administrators set that as Default Record Type for some profiles which actually don’t have access to that Object.

Record Type Assignment

Certain Profiles like the Chatter Only User, Chatter Free User etc can be assigned Record Types but cannot be removed by clicking an edit link in the Record Type Section of the Profile. This prevents Record Types from being deleted. In order to remove the record type from the Profile, a URL Hack must be performed.
 Solution Steps:
1. First of all, the Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface checkbox in the User Interface must be deselected:
Setup> Customize> User Interface> Setup Section> Deselect  Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface> Save

2. Now, Go to Setup> Manage Users> Profiles> System Administrator> Navigate to Record Types> Click the Edit Link on the Object (whose Record Type you want to Deactivate/Delete)

3. Copy the URL from the address bar on your browser and paste it into Notepad. It will be something like this:
4. Go to Setup> Manage Users> Profiles> Chatter Free User (the Profile on which it is set as Default Record Type)
Copy the 15 digit Salesforce Id from the URL in the Address bar of your Browser:
5. Now you have to replace the id in the Edit Record Type Settings Account Page ( the first id number right after the “jsp?id=” in the URL ) with the Id from the Chatter Free User.
Should now look like this:
Basically xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is replaced with yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
6. Now take the modified URL and place it in the Address bar of your browser and hit enter.
7. You will now be able to remove the value by highlighting it and selecting remove. Switch the Default record type to whatever you like and hit save.
8. Repeat the above steps for other Profiles in which it is necessary (if there is any). Then you will be able to Deactivate and Delete the Record Types.
Let me know in the comments below if you have accomplished this in a different manner.

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